UserManager<TUser>.GetTwoFactorEnabledAsync(TUser) UserManager<TUser>.GetTwoFactorEnabledAsync(TUser) UserManager<TUser>.GetTwoFactorEnabledAsync(TUser) Method


Returns a flag indicating whether the specified user has two factor authentication enabled or not, as an asynchronous operation.

public virtual System.Threading.Tasks.Task<bool> GetTwoFactorEnabledAsync (TUser user);
abstract member GetTwoFactorEnabledAsync : 'User -> System.Threading.Tasks.Task<bool>
override this.GetTwoFactorEnabledAsync : 'User -> System.Threading.Tasks.Task<bool>
Public Overridable Function GetTwoFactorEnabledAsync (user As TUser) As Task(Of Boolean)


TUser TUser TUser

The user whose two factor authentication enabled status should be retrieved.


The Task that represents the asynchronous operation, true if the specified user has two factor authentication enabled, otherwise false.

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