FilterDescriptor FilterDescriptor FilterDescriptor Class


Descriptor for an IFilterMetadata.

public class FilterDescriptor
type FilterDescriptor = class
Public Class FilterDescriptor


FilterDescriptor describes an IFilterMetadata with an order and scope.

   Order and scope control the execution order of filters. Filters with a higher value of Order execute
   later in the pipeline.
   When filters have the same Order, the Scope value is used to determine the order of execution. Filters
   with a higher value of Scope execute later in the pipeline. See <code data-dev-comment-type="c">Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.FilterScope</code>
   for commonly used scopes.
   For <xref data-throw-if-not-resolved="true" uid="Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.Filters.IExceptionFilter"></xref> implementations, the filter runs only after an exception has occurred,
   and so the observed order of execution will be opposite that of other filters.


FilterDescriptor(IFilterMetadata, Int32) FilterDescriptor(IFilterMetadata, Int32) FilterDescriptor(IFilterMetadata, Int32)

Creates a new FilterDescriptor.


Filter Filter Filter

The IFilterMetadata instance.

Order Order Order

The filter order.

Scope Scope Scope

The filter scope.

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