ResourceExecutedContext ResourceExecutedContext ResourceExecutedContext Class


A context for resource filters, specifically OnResourceExecuted(ResourceExecutedContext) calls.

public class ResourceExecutedContext : Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.Filters.FilterContext
type ResourceExecutedContext = class
    inherit FilterContext
Public Class ResourceExecutedContext
Inherits FilterContext


ResourceExecutedContext(ActionContext, IList<IFilterMetadata>) ResourceExecutedContext(ActionContext, IList<IFilterMetadata>) ResourceExecutedContext(ActionContext, IList<IFilterMetadata>)

Creates a new ResourceExecutedContext.


ActionDescriptor ActionDescriptor ActionDescriptor

Gets or sets the ActionDescriptor for the selected action.

(Inherited from ActionContext)
Canceled Canceled Canceled

Gets or sets a value which indicates whether or not execution was canceled by a resource filter. If true, then a resource filter short-circuited execution by setting Result.

Exception Exception Exception

Gets or set the current Exception.

ExceptionDispatchInfo ExceptionDispatchInfo ExceptionDispatchInfo

Gets or set the current Exception.

ExceptionHandled ExceptionHandled ExceptionHandled

Gets or sets a value indicating whether or not the current Exception has been handled.

If false the Exception will be rethrown by the runtime after resource filters have executed.

Filters Filters Filters

Gets all applicable IFilterMetadata implementations.

(Inherited from FilterContext)
HttpContext HttpContext HttpContext

Gets or sets the HttpContext for the current request.

(Inherited from ActionContext)
ModelState ModelState ModelState

Gets the ModelStateDictionary.

(Inherited from ActionContext)
Result Result Result

Gets or sets the result.

RouteData RouteData RouteData

Gets or sets the RouteData for the current request.

(Inherited from ActionContext)


FindEffectivePolicy<TMetadata>() FindEffectivePolicy<TMetadata>() FindEffectivePolicy<TMetadata>()

Returns the most effective (most specific) policy of type TMetadata applied to the action associated with the FilterContext.

(Inherited from FilterContext)
IsEffectivePolicy<TMetadata>(TMetadata) IsEffectivePolicy<TMetadata>(TMetadata) IsEffectivePolicy<TMetadata>(TMetadata)

Returns a value indicating whether the provided IFilterMetadata is the most effective policy (most specific) applied to the action associated with the FilterContext.

(Inherited from FilterContext)

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