HttpPostAttribute HttpPostAttribute HttpPostAttribute Class


Identifies an action that supports the HTTP POST method.

public class HttpPostAttribute : Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.Routing.HttpMethodAttribute
type HttpPostAttribute = class
    inherit HttpMethodAttribute
Public Class HttpPostAttribute
Inherits HttpMethodAttribute


HttpPostAttribute() HttpPostAttribute() HttpPostAttribute()

Creates a new HttpPostAttribute.

HttpPostAttribute(String) HttpPostAttribute(String) HttpPostAttribute(String)

Creates a new HttpPostAttribute with the given route template.


HttpMethods HttpMethods HttpMethods Inherited from HttpMethodAttribute
IRouteTemplateProvider.Order IRouteTemplateProvider.Order IRouteTemplateProvider.Order Inherited from HttpMethodAttribute
Name Name Name Inherited from HttpMethodAttribute
Order Order Order

Gets the route order. The order determines the order of route execution. Routes with a lower order value are tried first. When a route doesn't specify a value, it gets the value of the Order or a default value of 0 if the RouteAttribute doesn't define a value on the controller.

(Inherited from HttpMethodAttribute)
Template Template Template Inherited from HttpMethodAttribute

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