DefaultModelBindingMessageProvider.AttemptedValueIsInvalidAccessor Property


Error message the model binding system adds when Exception is of type FormatException or OverflowException, value is known, and error is associated with a property.

 virtual property Func<System::String ^, System::String ^, System::String ^> ^ AttemptedValueIsInvalidAccessor { Func<System::String ^, System::String ^, System::String ^> ^ get(); };
public override Func<string,string,string> AttemptedValueIsInvalidAccessor { get; }
member this.AttemptedValueIsInvalidAccessor : Func<string, string, string>
Public Overrides ReadOnly Property AttemptedValueIsInvalidAccessor As Func(Of String, String, String)

Property Value


Default String is "The value '{0}' is not valid for {1}.".

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