PartialViewResult PartialViewResult PartialViewResult PartialViewResult Class


Represents an ActionResult that renders a partial view to the response.

public ref class PartialViewResult : Microsoft::AspNetCore::Mvc::ActionResult, Microsoft::AspNetCore::Mvc::IActionResult, Microsoft::AspNetCore::Mvc::Infrastructure::IStatusCodeActionResult
public class PartialViewResult : Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.ActionResult, Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.IActionResult, Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.Infrastructure.IStatusCodeActionResult
type PartialViewResult = class
    inherit ActionResult
    interface IActionResult
    interface IStatusCodeActionResult
Public Class PartialViewResult
Inherits ActionResult
Implements IActionResult, IStatusCodeActionResult


PartialViewResult() PartialViewResult() PartialViewResult() PartialViewResult()


ContentType ContentType ContentType ContentType

Gets or sets the Content-Type header for the response.

Model Model Model Model

Gets the view data model.

StatusCode StatusCode StatusCode StatusCode

Gets or sets the HTTP status code.

TempData TempData TempData TempData

Gets or sets the ITempDataDictionary used for rendering the view for this result.

ViewData ViewData ViewData ViewData

Gets or sets the ViewDataDictionary used for rendering the view for this result.

ViewEngine ViewEngine ViewEngine ViewEngine

Gets or sets the IViewEngine used to locate views.

ViewName ViewName ViewName ViewName

Gets or sets the name or path of the partial view that is rendered to the response.


ExecuteResult(ActionContext) ExecuteResult(ActionContext) ExecuteResult(ActionContext) ExecuteResult(ActionContext)

Executes the result operation of the action method synchronously. This method is called by MVC to process the result of an action method.

(Inherited from ActionResult)
ExecuteResultAsync(ActionContext) ExecuteResultAsync(ActionContext) ExecuteResultAsync(ActionContext) ExecuteResultAsync(ActionContext)

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