RouteOptions RouteOptions RouteOptions RouteOptions Class


public ref class RouteOptions
public class RouteOptions
type RouteOptions = class
Public Class RouteOptions


RouteOptions() RouteOptions() RouteOptions() RouteOptions()


AppendTrailingSlash AppendTrailingSlash AppendTrailingSlash AppendTrailingSlash

Gets or sets a value indicating whether a trailing slash should be appended to the generated URLs.

ConstraintMap ConstraintMap ConstraintMap ConstraintMap
LowercaseQueryStrings LowercaseQueryStrings LowercaseQueryStrings LowercaseQueryStrings

Gets or sets a value indicating whether a generated query strings are lower-case. This property will not be used unless LowercaseUrls is also true.

LowercaseUrls LowercaseUrls LowercaseUrls LowercaseUrls

Gets or sets a value indicating whether all generated paths URLs are lower-case. Use LowercaseQueryStrings to configure the behavior for query strings.

SuppressCheckForUnhandledSecurityMetadata SuppressCheckForUnhandledSecurityMetadata SuppressCheckForUnhandledSecurityMetadata SuppressCheckForUnhandledSecurityMetadata

Gets or sets a value that indicates if the check for unhandled security endpoint metadata is suppressed.

Endpoints can be associated with metadata such as authorization, or CORS, that needs to be handled by a specific middleware to be actionable. If the middleware is not configured, such metadata will go unhandled.

When false, prior to the execution of the endpoint, routing will verify that all known security-specific metadata has been handled. Setting this property to true suppresses this check.

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