RequestBuilder RequestBuilder RequestBuilder Class


Used to construct a HttpRequestMessage object.

public class RequestBuilder
type RequestBuilder = class
Public Class RequestBuilder


RequestBuilder(TestServer, String) RequestBuilder(TestServer, String) RequestBuilder(TestServer, String)

Construct a new HttpRequestMessage with the given path.


AddHeader(String, String) AddHeader(String, String) AddHeader(String, String)

Add the given header and value to the request or request content.

And(Action<HttpRequestMessage>) And(Action<HttpRequestMessage>) And(Action<HttpRequestMessage>)

Configure any HttpRequestMessage properties.

GetAsync() GetAsync() GetAsync()

Set the request method to GET and start processing the request.

PostAsync() PostAsync() PostAsync()

Set the request method to POST and start processing the request.

SendAsync(String) SendAsync(String) SendAsync(String)

Set the request method and start processing the request.

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