VirtualMachineConfiguration VirtualMachineConfiguration VirtualMachineConfiguration Class


The configuration for compute nodes in a pool based on the Azure Virtual Machines infrastructure.

public class VirtualMachineConfiguration
type VirtualMachineConfiguration = class
Public Class VirtualMachineConfiguration


VirtualMachineConfiguration(ImageReference, String) VirtualMachineConfiguration(ImageReference, String) VirtualMachineConfiguration(ImageReference, String)

Initializes a new instance of the VirtualMachineConfiguration class.


ContainerConfiguration ContainerConfiguration ContainerConfiguration

Gets or sets the container configuration for the pool.

DataDisks DataDisks DataDisks

Gets or sets the configuration for data disks attached to the Comptue Nodes in the pool.

ImageReference ImageReference ImageReference

Gets or sets a reference to the Azure Virtual Machines Marketplace Image or the custom Virtual Machine Image to use.

LicenseType LicenseType LicenseType

Gets or sets the type of on-premises license to be used when deploying the operating system.

NodeAgentSkuId NodeAgentSkuId NodeAgentSkuId

Gets or sets the SKU of Batch Node Agent to be provisioned on the compute node.

WindowsConfiguration WindowsConfiguration WindowsConfiguration

Gets or sets windows operating system settings on the virtual machine. This property must not be specified if the ImageReference property specifies a Linux OS image.

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