LargePersonGroupPersonExtensions Class


Extension methods for LargePersonGroupPerson.

public static class LargePersonGroupPersonExtensions
type LargePersonGroupPersonExtensions = class
Public Module LargePersonGroupPersonExtensions


AddFaceFromStreamAsync(ILargePersonGroupPerson, String, Guid, Stream, String, IList<Int32>, String, CancellationToken)
AddFaceFromUrlAsync(ILargePersonGroupPerson, String, Guid, String, String, IList<Int32>, String, CancellationToken)
CreateAsync(ILargePersonGroupPerson, String, String, String, CancellationToken)

Create a new person in a specified large person group.

DeleteAsync(ILargePersonGroupPerson, String, Guid, CancellationToken)

Delete an existing person from a large person group. All stored person data, and face features in the person entry will be deleted.

DeleteFaceAsync(ILargePersonGroupPerson, String, Guid, Guid, CancellationToken)

Delete a face from a person. Relative feature for the persisted face will also be deleted.

GetAsync(ILargePersonGroupPerson, String, Guid, CancellationToken)

Retrieve a person's information, including registered persisted faces, name and userData.

GetFaceAsync(ILargePersonGroupPerson, String, Guid, Guid, CancellationToken)

Retrieve information about a persisted face (specified by persistedFaceId, personId and its belonging largePersonGroupId).

ListAsync(ILargePersonGroupPerson, String, String, Nullable<Int32>, CancellationToken)

List all persons in a large person group, and retrieve person information (including personId, name, userData and persistedFaceIds of registered faces of the person).

UpdateAsync(ILargePersonGroupPerson, String, Guid, String, String, CancellationToken)

Update name or userData of a person.

UpdateFaceAsync(ILargePersonGroupPerson, String, Guid, Guid, String, CancellationToken)

Update a person persisted face's userData field.

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