TableRequestOptions TableRequestOptions TableRequestOptions Class


Represents a set of timeout and retry policy options that may be specified for a request against the Table service.

public sealed class TableRequestOptions : Microsoft.Azure.Storage.IRequestOptions
type TableRequestOptions = class
    interface IRequestOptions
Public NotInheritable Class TableRequestOptions
Implements IRequestOptions


TableRequestOptions() TableRequestOptions() TableRequestOptions()

Initializes a new instance of the TableRequestOptions class.

TableRequestOptions(TableRequestOptions) TableRequestOptions(TableRequestOptions) TableRequestOptions(TableRequestOptions)

Initializes a new instance of the TableRequestOptions class with the specified TableRequestOptions.


EncryptionPolicy EncryptionPolicy EncryptionPolicy

Gets or sets the encryption policy for the request.

EncryptionResolver EncryptionResolver EncryptionResolver

Gets or sets the delegate to get the value indicating whether or not a property should be encrypted, given the partition key, row key, and property name.

LocationMode LocationMode LocationMode

Gets or sets the location mode of the request.

MaximumExecutionTime MaximumExecutionTime MaximumExecutionTime

Gets or sets the maximum execution time for all potential retries for the request.

PayloadFormat PayloadFormat PayloadFormat

Gets or sets the TablePayloadFormat that will be used for the request.

ProjectSystemProperties ProjectSystemProperties ProjectSystemProperties

Gets or sets the option to include system properties such as Partition Key and Row Key in queries.

PropertyResolver PropertyResolver PropertyResolver

Gets or sets the delegate that is used to get the EdmType for an entity property given the partition key, row key, and the property name.

RequireEncryption RequireEncryption RequireEncryption

Gets or sets a value to indicate whether data written and read by the client library should be encrypted.

RetryPolicy RetryPolicy RetryPolicy

Gets or sets the retry policy for the request.

ServerTimeout ServerTimeout ServerTimeout

Gets or sets the server timeout interval for the request.

SessionToken SessionToken SessionToken

Gets or sets the token for use with session consistency in the Azure Cosmos DB service. Only supported in Direct Mode.

TableQueryContinuationTokenLimitInKb TableQueryContinuationTokenLimitInKb TableQueryContinuationTokenLimitInKb

Get or set the length of continuation token in the query response. Valid values are >= 0.

TableQueryEnableScan TableQueryEnableScan TableQueryEnableScan

Get or set the option to run a scan when a filter cannot use the index for any filter. Default is false. Only supported in Direct Mode.

TableQueryMaxDegreeOfParallelism TableQueryMaxDegreeOfParallelism TableQueryMaxDegreeOfParallelism

Gets or sets the degree of parallelism for execution of a cross-partition query. 0 is serial with no pre-fetching, 1 is serial with pre-fetching, and higher values increase the rate of parallelism. Default is -1, which lets Azure Cosmos DB dynamically determine the value at runtime.

TableQueryMaxItemCount TableQueryMaxItemCount TableQueryMaxItemCount

Configure the maximum number of items returned per table query in a single round trip.

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