DocumentClient.ReplaceOfferAsync(Offer) DocumentClient.ReplaceOfferAsync(Offer) Method


Replaces a Offer in the Azure Cosmos DB service as an asynchronous operation.

public System.Threading.Tasks.Task<Microsoft.Azure.Documents.Client.ResourceResponse<Microsoft.Azure.Documents.Offer>> ReplaceOfferAsync (Microsoft.Azure.Documents.Offer offer);
abstract member ReplaceOfferAsync : Microsoft.Azure.Documents.Offer -> System.Threading.Tasks.Task<Microsoft.Azure.Documents.Client.ResourceResponse<Microsoft.Azure.Documents.Offer>>
override this.ReplaceOfferAsync : Microsoft.Azure.Documents.Offer -> System.Threading.Tasks.Task<Microsoft.Azure.Documents.Client.ResourceResponse<Microsoft.Azure.Documents.Offer>>


Offer Offer

The updated Offer to replace the existing resource with.


A System.Threading.Tasks containing a ResourceResponse<TResource> which wraps a Offer containing the updated resource record.



This exception can encapsulate many different types of errors. To determine the specific error always look at the StatusCode property. Some common codes you may get when creating a Document are:

StatusCodeReason for exception
404NotFound - This means the resource you tried to delete did not exist.
423Locked - This means the scale operation cannot be performed because another scale operation is in progress.


   //Fetch the resource to be updated
   Offer offer = client.CreateOfferQuery()
                            .Where(r => r.ResourceLink == "collection selfLink")
   //Create a new offer with the changed throughput
   OfferV2 newOffer = new OfferV2(offer, 5000);
   //Now persist these changes to the database by replacing the original resource
   Offer updated = await client.ReplaceOfferAsync(newOffer);

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