RequestOptions.SharedOfferThroughput RequestOptions.SharedOfferThroughput RequestOptions.SharedOfferThroughput Property



This API is now obsolete.

Gets or sets shared offer throughput on a collection.

public Nullable<int> SharedOfferThroughput { get; set; }
member this.SharedOfferThroughput : Nullable<int> with get, set
Public Property SharedOfferThroughput As Nullable(Of Integer)

Property Value


The followng example shows how to create a collection with offer throughtput.

await client.CreateDocumentCollectionAsync(
    new DocumentCollection { Id = "newcoll" },
    new RequestOptions { SharedOfferThroughput = 50000 });


This option is only valid when creating a document collection that shares offer throughput

provisioned at database level. Specifies maximum shared throughput available for collection

in the absence of contention. This value should be less than the throughput specified at

database level.

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