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public class PowerState : Microsoft.Azure.Management.ResourceManager.Fluent.Core.ExpandableStringEnum<Microsoft.Azure.Management.Compute.Fluent.PowerState>
type PowerState = class
    inherit ExpandableStringEnum<PowerState>
Public Class PowerState
Inherits ExpandableStringEnum(Of PowerState)


PowerState() PowerState() PowerState()


Deallocated Deallocated Deallocated

Static value PowerState/deallocated for PowerState.

Deallocating Deallocating Deallocating

Static value PowerState/deallocating for PowerState.

Running Running Running

Static value PowerState/running for PowerState.

Starting Starting Starting

Static value PowerState/starting for PowerState.

Stopped Stopped Stopped

Static value PowerState/stopped for PowerState.

Stopping Stopping Stopping

Static value PowerState/stopping for PowerState.

Unknown Unknown Unknown

Static value PowerState/unknown for PowerState.


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FromInstanceView(VirtualMachineInstanceView) FromInstanceView(VirtualMachineInstanceView) FromInstanceView(VirtualMachineInstanceView)

Creates an instance of PowerState from the virtual machine instance view status entry corresponding to the power state.

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Value Value Value Inherited from ExpandableStringEnum<T>

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