IWithPrimaryInternetFacingLoadBalancer IWithPrimaryInternetFacingLoadBalancer IWithPrimaryInternetFacingLoadBalancer Interface


The stage of a virtual machine scale set definition allowing to specify an Internet-facing load balancer for the primary network interface of the virtual machines in the scale set.

public interface IWithPrimaryInternetFacingLoadBalancer
type IWithPrimaryInternetFacingLoadBalancer = interface
Public Interface IWithPrimaryInternetFacingLoadBalancer


WithExistingPrimaryInternetFacingLoadBalancer(ILoadBalancer) WithExistingPrimaryInternetFacingLoadBalancer(ILoadBalancer) WithExistingPrimaryInternetFacingLoadBalancer(ILoadBalancer)

Specifies an Internet-facing load balancer whose backends and/or NAT pools can be assigned to the primary network interfaces of the virtual machines in the scale set. By default, all the backends and inbound NAT pools of the load balancer will be associated with the primary network interface of the scale set virtual machines.

WithoutPrimaryInternetFacingLoadBalancer() WithoutPrimaryInternetFacingLoadBalancer() WithoutPrimaryInternetFacingLoadBalancer()

Specifies that no public load balancer should be associated with the virtual machine scale set.

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