PatchSettings.PatchMode Property


Gets or sets specifies the mode of VM Guest Patching to IaaS virtual machine or virtual machines associated to virtual machine scale set with OrchestrationMode as Flexible.<br /><br /> Possible values are:<br /><br /> Manual - You control the application of patches to a virtual machine. You do this by applying patches manually inside the VM. In this mode, automatic updates are disabled; the property WindowsConfiguration.enableAutomaticUpdates must be false<br /><br /> AutomaticByOS - The virtual machine will automatically be updated by the OS. The property WindowsConfiguration.enableAutomaticUpdates must be true. <br /><br /> AutomaticByPlatform - the virtual machine will automatically updated by the platform. The properties provisionVMAgent and WindowsConfiguration.enableAutomaticUpdates must be true. Possible values include: 'Manual', 'AutomaticByOS', 'AutomaticByPlatform'

public string PatchMode { get; set; }
member this.PatchMode : string with get, set
Public Property PatchMode As String

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