WindowSubstate WindowSubstate WindowSubstate Class


The enum for all the supported activity window states.

public static class WindowSubstate
type WindowSubstate = class
Public Class WindowSubstate


ActivityResume ActivityResume ActivityResume

The activity is paused and cannot run the slices until it is resumed.

Canceled Canceled Canceled

Canceled by user action.

ComputeResources ComputeResources ComputeResources

The compute resources are not available.

ConcurrencyLimit ConcurrencyLimit ConcurrencyLimit

All the activity instances are busy running other activity windows.

DatasetDependencies DatasetDependencies DatasetDependencies

The upstream dependencies are not ready.

Retry Retry Retry

The activity execution will be retried.

ScheduledTime ScheduledTime ScheduledTime

The scheduled time for the activity window to run has not yet passed.

TimedOut TimedOut TimedOut

Execution took longer than allowed by the activity's timeout period.

Validating Validating Validating

Validation in progress.

Validation Validation Validation

Validation has not started yet, can be used with Failed state as well.

ValidationRetry ValidationRetry ValidationRetry

Waiting for the validation to be retried.

Extension Methods

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