IManagementLinkClient IManagementLinkClient IManagementLinkClient Interface


Azure resources can be linked together to form logical relationships. You can establish links between resources belonging to different resource groups. However, all the linked resources must belong to the same subscription. Each resource can be linked to 50 other resources. If any of the linked resources are deleted or moved, the link owner must clean up the remaining link.

public interface IManagementLinkClient : IDisposable
type IManagementLinkClient = interface
    interface IDisposable
Public Interface IManagementLinkClient
Implements IDisposable


AcceptLanguage AcceptLanguage AcceptLanguage

The preferred language for the response.

ApiVersion ApiVersion ApiVersion

The API version to use for the operation.

BaseUri BaseUri BaseUri

The base URI of the service.

Credentials Credentials Credentials

Credentials needed for the client to connect to Azure.

DeserializationSettings DeserializationSettings DeserializationSettings

Gets or sets json deserialization settings.

GenerateClientRequestId GenerateClientRequestId GenerateClientRequestId

Whether a unique x-ms-client-request-id should be generated. When set to true a unique x-ms-client-request-id value is generated and included in each request. Default is true.

LongRunningOperationRetryTimeout LongRunningOperationRetryTimeout LongRunningOperationRetryTimeout

The retry timeout in seconds for Long Running Operations. Default value is 30.

ResourceLinks ResourceLinks ResourceLinks

Gets the IResourceLinksOperations.

SerializationSettings SerializationSettings SerializationSettings

Gets or sets json serialization settings.

SubscriptionId SubscriptionId SubscriptionId

The ID of the target subscription.

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