ISqlVirtualNetworkRuleOperationsDefinition Interface


Container interface for all the definitions that need to be implemented.

public interface ISqlVirtualNetworkRuleOperationsDefinition : Microsoft.Azure.Management.ResourceManager.Fluent.Core.IBeta, Microsoft.Azure.Management.ResourceManager.Fluent.Core.ResourceActions.ICreatable<Microsoft.Azure.Management.Sql.Fluent.ISqlVirtualNetworkRule>, Microsoft.Azure.Management.Sql.Fluent.SqlVirtualNetworkRuleOperations.Definition.IWithServiceEndpoint, Microsoft.Azure.Management.Sql.Fluent.SqlVirtualNetworkRuleOperations.Definition.IWithSqlServer, Microsoft.Azure.Management.Sql.Fluent.SqlVirtualNetworkRuleOperations.Definition.IWithSubnet
type ISqlVirtualNetworkRuleOperationsDefinition = interface
    interface IWithSqlServer
    interface IBeta
    interface IWithSubnet
    interface IWithServiceEndpoint
    interface IWithCreate
    interface ICreatable<ISqlVirtualNetworkRule>
    interface IIndexable
Public Interface ISqlVirtualNetworkRuleOperationsDefinition
Implements IBeta, ICreatable(Of ISqlVirtualNetworkRule), IWithServiceEndpoint, IWithSqlServer, IWithSubnet


Key (Inherited from IIndexable)

Gets the name of the creatable resource.

(Inherited from ICreatable<T>)



Execute the create request.

(Inherited from ICreatable<T>)
CreateAsync(CancellationToken, Boolean)

Puts the request into the queue and allow the HTTP client to execute it when system resources are available.

(Inherited from ICreatable<T>)

Gets Sets the flag to ignore the missing subnet's SQL service endpoint entry. Virtual Machines in the subnet will not be able to connect to the SQL server until Microsoft.Sql service endpoint is added to the subnet.

(Inherited from IWithServiceEndpoint)

Sets the parent SQL server for the new Virtual Network Rule.

(Inherited from IWithSqlServer)
WithExistingSqlServer(String, String)

Sets the parent SQL server name and resource group it belongs to.

(Inherited from IWithSqlServer)

Sets the parent SQL server for the new Virtual Network Rule.

(Inherited from IWithSqlServer)
WithSubnet(String, String)

Sets the virtual network ID and the subnet name for the SQL server Virtual Network Rule.

(Inherited from IWithSubnet)

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