Installation Installation Installation Class


Represents device in Azure Notification Hub

[Newtonsoft.Json.JsonObject(ItemRequired=Newtonsoft.Json.Required.Default, MemberSerialization=Newtonsoft.Json.MemberSerialization.OptOut)]
public class Installation
type Installation = class
Public Class Installation


Installation() Installation() Installation()


ExpirationTime ExpirationTime ExpirationTime

Gets expiration for the installation

InstallationId InstallationId InstallationId

Get or sets unique identifier for the installation

Platform Platform Platform

Gets or sets notification platform for the installation

PushChannel PushChannel PushChannel

Gets or set registration id, token or URI obtained from platform-specific notification service

PushChannelExpired PushChannelExpired PushChannelExpired

Gets if installation is expired or not

PushVariables PushVariables PushVariables

Gets or sets collection of push variables

SecondaryTiles SecondaryTiles SecondaryTiles

Gets or sets collection of secondary tiles for WNS

Tags Tags Tags

Gets or sets collection of tags

Templates Templates Templates

Gets or sets collection of templates

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