ISearchIndexClient ISearchIndexClient ISearchIndexClient Interface


Client that can be used to query an Azure Search index and upload, merge, or delete documents.

public interface ISearchIndexClient : IDisposable
type ISearchIndexClient = interface
    interface IDisposable
Public Interface ISearchIndexClient
Implements IDisposable


AcceptLanguage AcceptLanguage AcceptLanguage

The preferred language for the response.

ApiVersion ApiVersion ApiVersion

Client Api Version.

Credentials Credentials Credentials

Credentials needed for the client to connect to Azure.

DeserializationSettings DeserializationSettings DeserializationSettings

Gets or sets json deserialization settings.

Documents Documents Documents

Gets the IDocumentsOperations.

GenerateClientRequestId GenerateClientRequestId GenerateClientRequestId

Whether a unique x-ms-client-request-id should be generated. When set to true a unique x-ms-client-request-id value is generated and included in each request. Default is true.

IndexName IndexName IndexName

The name of the Azure Search index.

LongRunningOperationRetryTimeout LongRunningOperationRetryTimeout LongRunningOperationRetryTimeout

The retry timeout in seconds for Long Running Operations. Default value is 30.

SearchCredentials SearchCredentials SearchCredentials

Gets the credentials used to authenticate to an Azure Search service. This can be either a query API key or an admin API key.

SearchDnsSuffix SearchDnsSuffix SearchDnsSuffix

The DNS suffix of the Azure Search service. The default is

SearchServiceName SearchServiceName SearchServiceName

The name of the Azure Search service.

SerializationSettings SerializationSettings SerializationSettings

The base URI of the service.

UseHttpGetForQueries UseHttpGetForQueries UseHttpGetForQueries

Indicates whether the index client should use HTTP GET for making Search, Suggest, and Autocomplete requests to the Azure Search REST API. The default is false, which indicates that HTTP POST will be used.


TargetDifferentIndex(String) TargetDifferentIndex(String) TargetDifferentIndex(String)

Changes the BaseUri of this client to target a different index in the same Azure Search service. This method is NOT thread-safe; You must guarantee that no other threads are using the client before calling it.

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