AnalyzerName AnalyzerName AnalyzerName Class


Defines the names of all text analyzers supported by Azure Search.

public sealed class AnalyzerName : Microsoft.Azure.Search.Models.ExtensibleEnum<Microsoft.Azure.Search.Models.AnalyzerName>
type AnalyzerName = class
    inherit ExtensibleEnum<AnalyzerName>
Public NotInheritable Class AnalyzerName
Inherits ExtensibleEnum(Of AnalyzerName)


ArLucene ArLucene ArLucene

Lucene analyzer for Arabic.

ArMicrosoft ArMicrosoft ArMicrosoft

Microsoft analyzer for Arabic.

BgLucene BgLucene BgLucene

Lucene analyzer for Bulgarian.

BgMicrosoft BgMicrosoft BgMicrosoft

Microsoft analyzer for Bulgarian.

BnMicrosoft BnMicrosoft BnMicrosoft

Microsoft analyzer for Bangla.

CaLucene CaLucene CaLucene

Lucene analyzer for Catalan.

CaMicrosoft CaMicrosoft CaMicrosoft

Microsoft analyzer for Catalan.

CsLucene CsLucene CsLucene

Lucene analyzer for Czech.

CsMicrosoft CsMicrosoft CsMicrosoft

Microsoft analyzer for Czech.

DaLucene DaLucene DaLucene

Lucene analyzer for Danish.

DaMicrosoft DaMicrosoft DaMicrosoft

Microsoft analyzer for Danish.

DeLucene DeLucene DeLucene

Lucene analyzer for German.

DeMicrosoft DeMicrosoft DeMicrosoft

Microsoft analyzer for German.

ElLucene ElLucene ElLucene

Lucene analyzer for Greek.

ElMicrosoft ElMicrosoft ElMicrosoft

Microsoft analyzer for Greek.

EnLucene EnLucene EnLucene

Lucene analyzer for English.

EnMicrosoft EnMicrosoft EnMicrosoft

Microsoft analyzer for English.

EsLucene EsLucene EsLucene

Lucene analyzer for Spanish.

EsMicrosoft EsMicrosoft EsMicrosoft

Microsoft analyzer for Spanish.

EtMicrosoft EtMicrosoft EtMicrosoft

Microsoft analyzer for Estonian.

EuLucene EuLucene EuLucene

Lucene analyzer for Basque.

FaLucene FaLucene FaLucene

Lucene analyzer for Persian.

FiLucene FiLucene FiLucene

Lucene analyzer for Finnish.

FiMicrosoft FiMicrosoft FiMicrosoft

Microsoft analyzer for Finnish.

FrLucene FrLucene FrLucene

Lucene analyzer for French.

FrMicrosoft FrMicrosoft FrMicrosoft

Microsoft analyzer for French.

GaLucene GaLucene GaLucene

Lucene analyzer for Irish.

GlLucene GlLucene GlLucene

Lucene analyzer for Galician.

GuMicrosoft GuMicrosoft GuMicrosoft

Microsoft analyzer for Gujarati.

HeMicrosoft HeMicrosoft HeMicrosoft

Microsoft analyzer for Hebrew.

HiLucene HiLucene HiLucene

Lucene analyzer for Hindi.

HiMicrosoft HiMicrosoft HiMicrosoft

Microsoft analyzer for Hindi.

HrMicrosoft HrMicrosoft HrMicrosoft

Microsoft analyzer for Croatian.

HuLucene HuLucene HuLucene

Lucene analyzer for Hungarian.

HuMicrosoft HuMicrosoft HuMicrosoft

Microsoft analyzer for Hungarian.

HyLucene HyLucene HyLucene

Lucene analyzer for Armenian.

IdLucene IdLucene IdLucene

Lucene analyzer for Indonesian.

IdMicrosoft IdMicrosoft IdMicrosoft

Microsoft analyzer for Indonesian (Bahasa).

IsMicrosoft IsMicrosoft IsMicrosoft

Microsoft analyzer for Icelandic.

ItLucene ItLucene ItLucene

Lucene analyzer for Italian.

ItMicrosoft ItMicrosoft ItMicrosoft

Microsoft analyzer for Italian.

JaLucene JaLucene JaLucene

Lucene analyzer for Japanese.

JaMicrosoft JaMicrosoft JaMicrosoft

Microsoft analyzer for Japanese.

Keyword Keyword Keyword

Treats the entire content of a field as a single token. This is useful for data like zip codes, ids, and some product names.

KnMicrosoft KnMicrosoft KnMicrosoft

Microsoft analyzer for Kannada.

KoLucene KoLucene KoLucene

Lucene analyzer for Korean.

KoMicrosoft KoMicrosoft KoMicrosoft

Microsoft analyzer for Korean.

LtMicrosoft LtMicrosoft LtMicrosoft

Microsoft analyzer for Lithuanian.

LvLucene LvLucene LvLucene

Lucene analyzer for Latvian.

LvMicrosoft LvMicrosoft LvMicrosoft

Microsoft analyzer for Latvian.

MlMicrosoft MlMicrosoft MlMicrosoft

Microsoft analyzer for Malayalam.

MrMicrosoft MrMicrosoft MrMicrosoft

Microsoft analyzer for Marathi.

MsMicrosoft MsMicrosoft MsMicrosoft

Microsoft analyzer for Malay (Latin).

NbMicrosoft NbMicrosoft NbMicrosoft

Microsoft analyzer for Norwegian (Bokmål).

NlLucene NlLucene NlLucene

Lucene analyzer for Dutch.

NlMicrosoft NlMicrosoft NlMicrosoft

Microsoft analyzer for Dutch.

NoLucene NoLucene NoLucene

Lucene analyzer for Norwegian.

PaMicrosoft PaMicrosoft PaMicrosoft

Microsoft analyzer for Punjabi.

Pattern Pattern Pattern

Flexibly separates text into terms via a regular expression pattern.

PlLucene PlLucene PlLucene

Lucene analyzer for Polish.

PlMicrosoft PlMicrosoft PlMicrosoft

Microsoft analyzer for Polish.

PtBRLucene PtBRLucene PtBRLucene

Lucene analyzer for Portuguese (Brazil).

PtBrMicrosoft PtBrMicrosoft PtBrMicrosoft

Microsoft analyzer for Portuguese (Brazil).

PtPTLucene PtPTLucene PtPTLucene

Lucene analyzer for Portuguese (Portugal).

PtPtMicrosoft PtPtMicrosoft PtPtMicrosoft

Microsoft analyzer for Portuguese (Portugal).

RoLucene RoLucene RoLucene

Lucene analyzer for Romanian.

RoMicrosoft RoMicrosoft RoMicrosoft

Microsoft analyzer for Romanian.

RuLucene RuLucene RuLucene

Lucene analyzer for Russian.

RuMicrosoft RuMicrosoft RuMicrosoft

Microsoft analyzer for Russian.

Simple Simple Simple

Divides text at non-letters and converts them to lower case.

SkMicrosoft SkMicrosoft SkMicrosoft

Microsoft analyzer for Slovak.

SlMicrosoft SlMicrosoft SlMicrosoft

Microsoft analyzer for Slovenian.

SrCyrillicMicrosoft SrCyrillicMicrosoft SrCyrillicMicrosoft

Microsoft analyzer for Serbian (Cyrillic).

SrLatinMicrosoft SrLatinMicrosoft SrLatinMicrosoft

Microsoft analyzer for Serbian (Latin).

StandardAsciiFoldingLucene StandardAsciiFoldingLucene StandardAsciiFoldingLucene

Standard ASCII Folding Lucene analyzer.

StandardLucene StandardLucene StandardLucene

Standard Lucene analyzer.

Stop Stop Stop

Divides text at non-letters; Applies the lowercase and stopword token filters.

SvLucene SvLucene SvLucene

Lucene analyzer for Swedish.

SvMicrosoft SvMicrosoft SvMicrosoft

Microsoft analyzer for Swedish.

TaMicrosoft TaMicrosoft TaMicrosoft

Microsoft analyzer for Tamil.

TeMicrosoft TeMicrosoft TeMicrosoft

Microsoft analyzer for Telugu.

ThLucene ThLucene ThLucene

Lucene analyzer for Thai.

ThMicrosoft ThMicrosoft ThMicrosoft

Microsoft analyzer for Thai.

TrLucene TrLucene TrLucene

Lucene analyzer for Turkish.

TrMicrosoft TrMicrosoft TrMicrosoft

Microsoft analyzer for Turkish.

UkMicrosoft UkMicrosoft UkMicrosoft

Microsoft analyzer for Ukranian.

UrMicrosoft UrMicrosoft UrMicrosoft

Microsoft analyzer for Urdu.

ViMicrosoft ViMicrosoft ViMicrosoft

Microsoft analyzer for Vietnamese.

Whitespace Whitespace Whitespace

An analyzer that uses the whitespace tokenizer.

ZhHansLucene ZhHansLucene ZhHansLucene

Lucene analyzer for Chinese (Simplified).

ZhHansMicrosoft ZhHansMicrosoft ZhHansMicrosoft

Microsoft analyzer for Chinese (Simplified).

ZhHantLucene ZhHantLucene ZhHantLucene

Lucene analyzer for Chinese (Traditional).

ZhHantMicrosoft ZhHantMicrosoft ZhHantMicrosoft

Microsoft analyzer for Chinese (Traditional).


Create(String) Create(String) Create(String)

Creates a new AnalyzerName instance, or returns an existing instance if the given name matches that of a known analyzer.

Equals(Object) Equals(Object) Equals(Object)

Determines whether the specified object is equal to the current object.

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GetHashCode() GetHashCode() GetHashCode()

Serves as the default hash function.

(Inherited from ExtensibleEnum<T>)
ToString() ToString() ToString()

Returns a string representation of the ExtensibleEnum.

(Inherited from ExtensibleEnum<T>)


Implicit(String to AnalyzerName) Implicit(String to AnalyzerName) Implicit(String to AnalyzerName)

Defines implicit conversion from string to AnalyzerName.

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