DocumentSearchResult<T>.ContinuationToken Property


Gets a continuation token that is used to continue fetching search results. This is necessary when Azure Search cannot fulfill a search request with a single response.

public Microsoft.Azure.Search.Models.SearchContinuationToken ContinuationToken { get; }
member this.ContinuationToken : Microsoft.Azure.Search.Models.SearchContinuationToken
Public ReadOnly Property ContinuationToken As SearchContinuationToken

Property Value


This property will be null unless Azure Cognitive Search can't return all the requested documents in a single Search response. That can happen for different reasons which are implementation-specific and subject to change. Robust clients should always be ready to handle cases where fewer documents than expected are returned and a continuation token is included to continue retrieving documents. If this property is not null, you can pass its value to the ContinueSearchAsync method to retrieve more search results.

Note that this property is not meant to help you implement paging of search results. You can implement paging using the Top and Skip search parameters.

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