Message.SystemPropertiesCollection Message.SystemPropertiesCollection Message.SystemPropertiesCollection Class


A collection used to store properties which are set by the Service Bus service.

public sealed class Message.SystemPropertiesCollection
type Message.SystemPropertiesCollection = class
Public NotInheritable Class Message.SystemPropertiesCollection


Message.SystemPropertiesCollection() Message.SystemPropertiesCollection() Message.SystemPropertiesCollection()


DeadLetterSource DeadLetterSource DeadLetterSource

Gets the name of the queue or subscription that this message was enqueued on, before it was deadlettered.

DeliveryCount DeliveryCount DeliveryCount

Get the current delivery count.

EnqueuedSequenceNumber EnqueuedSequenceNumber EnqueuedSequenceNumber

Gets or sets the original sequence number of the message.

EnqueuedTimeUtc EnqueuedTimeUtc EnqueuedTimeUtc

Gets or sets the date and time of the sent time in UTC.

IsLockTokenSet IsLockTokenSet IsLockTokenSet

Specifies whether or not there is a lock token set on the current message.

IsReceived IsReceived IsReceived

Specifies if the message has been obtained from the broker.

LockedUntilUtc LockedUntilUtc LockedUntilUtc

Gets the date and time in UTC until which the message will be locked in the queue/subscription.

LockToken LockToken LockToken

Gets the lock token for the current message.

SequenceNumber SequenceNumber SequenceNumber

Gets the unique number assigned to a message by Service Bus.

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