AnchorLocatedEventArgs AnchorLocatedEventArgs AnchorLocatedEventArgs AnchorLocatedEventArgs Class


Use this type to determine the status of an anchor after a locate operation.

public ref class AnchorLocatedEventArgs : EventArgs
public class AnchorLocatedEventArgs : EventArgs
type AnchorLocatedEventArgs = class
    inherit EventArgs
Public Class AnchorLocatedEventArgs
Inherits EventArgs


Anchor Anchor Anchor Anchor

The cloud spatial anchor that was located.

Identifier Identifier Identifier Identifier

The spatial anchor that was located.

Status Status Status Status

Specifies whether the anchor was located, or the reason why it may have failed.

Strategy Strategy Strategy Strategy

Gets the LocateStrategy that reflects the strategy that was used to find the anchor. Valid only when the anchor was found.

Watcher Watcher Watcher Watcher

The watcher that located the anchor.


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