CosmosDbStorageOptions CosmosDbStorageOptions CosmosDbStorageOptions Class


Cosmos DB Storage Options.

public class CosmosDbStorageOptions
type CosmosDbStorageOptions = class
Public Class CosmosDbStorageOptions


CosmosDbStorageOptions() CosmosDbStorageOptions() CosmosDbStorageOptions()


AuthKey AuthKey AuthKey

Gets or sets the authentication key for Cosmos DB.

CollectionId CollectionId CollectionId

Gets or sets the collection identifier.

ConnectionPolicyConfigurator ConnectionPolicyConfigurator ConnectionPolicyConfigurator

Gets or sets the connection policy configurator. This action allows you to customise the connection parameters.

CosmosDBEndpoint CosmosDBEndpoint CosmosDBEndpoint

Gets or sets the CosmosDB endpoint.

DatabaseCreationRequestOptions DatabaseCreationRequestOptions DatabaseCreationRequestOptions

Gets or sets the CosmosDB that are passed when the database is created. Null is the default.

DatabaseId DatabaseId DatabaseId

Gets or sets the database identifier for Cosmos DB instance.

DocumentCollectionRequestOptions DocumentCollectionRequestOptions DocumentCollectionRequestOptions

Gets or sets the CosmosDB that are passed when the document collection is created. Null is the default.

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