BaseInvokeDialog Class


Action which calls another dialog.

public abstract class BaseInvokeDialog : Microsoft.Bot.Builder.Dialogs.Dialog, Microsoft.Bot.Builder.Dialogs.IDialogDependencies
type BaseInvokeDialog = class
    inherit Dialog
    interface IDialogDependencies
Public MustInherit Class BaseInvokeDialog
Inherits Dialog
Implements IDialogDependencies


BaseInvokeDialog(String, Object)

Initializes a new instance of the BaseInvokeDialog class. Expression for dialogId to call (allowing dynamic expression).



Gets or sets a value indicating whether to have the new dialog should process the activity.


Gets or sets the dialog to call.


Gets or sets id for the dialog.

(Inherited from Dialog)

Gets or sets configurable options for the dialog.


Gets the information of the cref="SourceRange"/>.

(Inherited from Dialog)

Gets or sets the IBotTelemetryClient to use for logging.

(Inherited from Dialog)


BeginDialogAsync(DialogContext, Object, CancellationToken)

Called when the dialog is started and pushed onto the dialog stack.

(Inherited from Dialog)
BindOptions(DialogContext, Object)

BindOptions - evaluate expressions in options.

ContinueDialogAsync(DialogContext, CancellationToken)

Called when the dialog is continued, where it is the active dialog and the user replies with a new activity.

(Inherited from Dialog)
EndDialogAsync(ITurnContext, DialogInstance, DialogReason, CancellationToken)

Called when the dialog is ending.

(Inherited from Dialog)

Enumerates child dialog dependencies so they can be added to the containers dialog set.


Gets a unique string which represents the version of this dialog. If the version changes between turns the dialog system will emit a DialogChanged event.

(Inherited from Dialog)

Builds the compute Id for the dialog.

OnDialogEventAsync(DialogContext, DialogEvent, CancellationToken)

Called when an event has been raised, using DialogContext.emitEvent(), by either the current dialog or a dialog that the current dialog started.

(Inherited from Dialog)
OnPostBubbleEventAsync(DialogContext, DialogEvent, CancellationToken)

Called after an event was bubbled to all parents and wasn't handled.

(Inherited from Dialog)
OnPreBubbleEventAsync(DialogContext, DialogEvent, CancellationToken)

Called before an event is bubbled to its parent.

(Inherited from Dialog)
RegisterSourceLocation(String, Int32)

Registers a cref="SourceRange"/> in the provided location.

(Inherited from Dialog)
RepromptDialogAsync(ITurnContext, DialogInstance, CancellationToken)

Called when the dialog should re-prompt the user for input.

(Inherited from Dialog)

Resolve Dialog Expression as either Dialog, or StringExpression to get dialogid.

ResumeDialogAsync(DialogContext, DialogReason, Object, CancellationToken)

Called when a child dialog completed this turn, returning control to this dialog.

(Inherited from Dialog)

Extension Methods

RunAsync(Dialog, ITurnContext, IStatePropertyAccessor<DialogState>, CancellationToken)

Creates a dialog stack and starts a dialog, pushing it onto the stack.

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