IField<T> IField<T> IField<T> Interface


Interface for all the information about a specific field.

public interface IField<T> : Microsoft.Bot.Builder.FormFlow.Advanced.IFieldDescription, Microsoft.Bot.Builder.FormFlow.Advanced.IFieldPrompt<T>, Microsoft.Bot.Builder.FormFlow.Advanced.IFieldResources, Microsoft.Bot.Builder.FormFlow.Advanced.IFieldState<T> where T : class
type IField<'T (requires 'T : null)> = interface
    interface IFieldState<'T (requires 'T : null)>
    interface IFieldDescription
    interface IFieldPrompt<'T (requires 'T : null)>
    interface IFieldResources
Public Interface IField(Of T)
Implements IFieldDescription, IFieldPrompt(Of T), IFieldResources, IFieldState(Of T)
Type Parameters

Form state interface applies to.



Form Form Form

Form that owns this field

public Microsoft.Bot.Builder.FormFlow.IForm<T> Form { get; set; }
member this.Form : Microsoft.Bot.Builder.FormFlow.IForm<'T (requires 'T : null)> with get, set
Public Property Form As IForm(Of T)

Name Name Name

Name of this field.

public string Name { get; }
member this.Name : string
Public ReadOnly Property Name As String
String String String

Name of this field.


For a value field this is the path in the form state that leads to the value being filled in.

For a confirm field this is a randomly generated name.

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