IFieldPrompt<T> IFieldPrompt<T> IFieldPrompt<T> Interface


This provides control information about a field.

public interface IFieldPrompt<T> where T : class
type IFieldPrompt<'T (requires 'T : null)> = interface
Public Interface IFieldPrompt(Of T)

Type Parameters


Form state that is being completed.



Help Help Help

Return the help description for this field.

Prompt Prompt Prompt

Returns the prompt description.


Active(T) Active(T) Active(T)

Test to see if field is currently active based on the current state.

DefineAsync(T) DefineAsync(T) DefineAsync(T)

Build the prompt and recognizer for dynamically defined fields.

Next(Object, T) Next(Object, T) Next(Object, T)

Next step to execute.

Template(TemplateUsage) Template(TemplateUsage) Template(TemplateUsage)

Return a template for building a prompt.

ValidateAsync(T, Object) ValidateAsync(T, Object) ValidateAsync(T, Object)

Validate value to be set on state and return feedback if not valid.

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