IFieldState<T> IFieldState<T> IFieldState<T> Interface


Interface that defines basic access to a field.

public interface IFieldState<T>
type IFieldState<'T> = interface
Public Interface IFieldState(Of T)

Type Parameters


The form state that is read or written to.



Dependencies Dependencies Dependencies

Returns the other fields this one depends on.

IsNullable IsNullable IsNullable

Test to see if field is nullable.

Optional Optional Optional

Test to see if field is optional which means that an unknown value is legal.

Pattern Pattern Pattern

Regular expression for validating a string.

Type Type Type

Gets the type of the field.


GetValue(T) GetValue(T) GetValue(T)

Get this field value from form state.

IsUnknown(T) IsUnknown(T) IsUnknown(T)

Test to see if the field value form state has a value.

Limits(Double, Double) Limits(Double, Double) Limits(Double, Double)

Limits of numeric values.

SetUnknown(T) SetUnknown(T) SetUnknown(T)

Set this field value in form state to unknown.

SetValue(T, Object) SetValue(T, Object) SetValue(T, Object)

Set this field value in form state.

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