LuisRequest LuisRequest LuisRequest Class


Object that contains all the possible parameters to build Luis request.

public sealed class LuisRequest : Microsoft.Bot.Builder.Luis.ILuisOptions
type LuisRequest = class
    interface ILuisOptions
Public NotInheritable Class LuisRequest
Implements ILuisOptions


LuisRequest(String) LuisRequest(String) LuisRequest(String)

Constructs an instance of the LuisReqeuest.


BingSpellCheckSubscriptionKey BingSpellCheckSubscriptionKey BingSpellCheckSubscriptionKey

The Bing Spell Check subscription key.

ContextId ContextId ContextId

The context id.

ExtraParameters ExtraParameters ExtraParameters

Any extra query parameters for the URL.

ForceSet ForceSet ForceSet

Force setting the parameter when using action binding.

Log Log Log

Indicates if logging of queries to LUIS is allowed.

Query Query Query

The text query.

SpellCheck SpellCheck SpellCheck

Turn on spell checking.

Staging Staging Staging

Use the staging endpoint.

TimezoneOffset TimezoneOffset TimezoneOffset

The time zone offset.

Verbose Verbose Verbose

The verbose flag.


BuildUri(ILuisModel) BuildUri(ILuisModel) BuildUri(ILuisModel)

Build the Uri for issuing the request for the specified Luis model.

Extension Methods

Apply(ILuisOptions, ILuisOptions) Apply(ILuisOptions, ILuisOptions) Apply(ILuisOptions, ILuisOptions)

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