ShowTypingMiddleware Class


When added, this middleware will send typing activities back to the user when a Message activity is received to let them know that the bot has received the message and is working on the response. You can specify a delay in milliseconds before the first typing activity is sent and then a frequency, also in milliseconds which determines how often another typing activity is sent. Typing activities will continue to be sent until your bot sends another message back to the user.

public class ShowTypingMiddleware : Microsoft.Bot.Builder.IMiddleware
type ShowTypingMiddleware = class
    interface IMiddleware
Public Class ShowTypingMiddleware
Implements IMiddleware


ShowTypingMiddleware(Int32, Int32)

Initializes a new instance of the ShowTypingMiddleware class.


OnTurnAsync(ITurnContext, NextDelegate, CancellationToken)

Processes an incoming activity.

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