INodeLogger INodeLogger INodeLogger INodeLogger Interface


Defines a "parallel aware logger" in the build system.

public interface class INodeLogger : Microsoft::Build::Framework::ILogger
public interface INodeLogger : Microsoft.Build.Framework.ILogger
type INodeLogger = interface
    interface ILogger
Public Interface INodeLogger
Implements ILogger


A parallel aware logger accepts a CPU count. A CPU count greater than 1 means that build events are received from each CPU's logger as the events are logged.


Initialize(IEventSource) Initialize(IEventSource) Initialize(IEventSource) Initialize(IEventSource)

Subscribes loggers to specific events. This method is called when the logger is registered with the build engine, before any events are raised.

(Inherited from ILogger)
Initialize(IEventSource, Int32) Initialize(IEventSource, Int32) Initialize(IEventSource, Int32) Initialize(IEventSource, Int32)

Initializes the logger.

Shutdown() Shutdown() Shutdown() Shutdown()

Releases the resources allocated to the logger at the time of initialization or during the build. This method is called when the logger is unregistered from the engine, after all events are raised. A host of MSBuild typically unregisters loggers immediately before quitting.

(Inherited from ILogger)


Parameters Parameters Parameters Parameters

Gets or sets the user-defined parameters of the logger.

(Inherited from ILogger)
Verbosity Verbosity Verbosity Verbosity

Gets or sets the level of detail to show in the event log.

(Inherited from ILogger)

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