RuleBag RuleBag RuleBag RuleBag Class


A container for Rule instances.

public ref class RuleBag sealed : Microsoft::Build::Framework::XamlTypes::IProjectSchemaNode, System::ComponentModel::ISupportInitialize
public sealed class RuleBag : Microsoft.Build.Framework.XamlTypes.IProjectSchemaNode, System.ComponentModel.ISupportInitialize
type RuleBag = class
    interface ISupportInitialize
    interface IProjectSchemaNode
Public NotInheritable Class RuleBag
Implements IProjectSchemaNode, ISupportInitialize


Concerns only Rule rules, relative to property pages. The RuleBag is only used as a container for more than one Rule. The containing Rule rules are immediately stripped off after the XAML file is loaded.


RuleBag() RuleBag() RuleBag() RuleBag()

Parameterless constructor. Required for XAML deserialization.


Rules Rules Rules Rules

The list of Rule instances that this RuleBag instance contains.


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