DbContextOptionsBuilder.UseLoggerFactory(ILoggerFactory) Method


Sets the ILoggerFactory that will be used to create ILogger instances for logging done by this context.

There is no need to call this method when using one of the 'AddDbContext' methods, including 'AddDbContextPool'. These methods ensure that the ILoggerFactory used by EF is obtained from the application service provider.

This method cannot be used if the application is setting the internal service provider through a call to UseInternalServiceProvider(IServiceProvider). In this case, the ILoggerFactory should be configured directly in that service provider.

public virtual Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.DbContextOptionsBuilder UseLoggerFactory (Microsoft.Extensions.Logging.ILoggerFactory loggerFactory);
abstract member UseLoggerFactory : Microsoft.Extensions.Logging.ILoggerFactory -> Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.DbContextOptionsBuilder
override this.UseLoggerFactory : Microsoft.Extensions.Logging.ILoggerFactory -> Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.DbContextOptionsBuilder
Public Overridable Function UseLoggerFactory (loggerFactory As ILoggerFactory) As DbContextOptionsBuilder



The logger factory to be used.



The same builder instance so that multiple calls can be chained.

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