DbContextLoggerOptions Enum


Formatting options for use with Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Diagnostics.Internal.FormattingDbContextLogger and LogTo(Action<String>, LogLevel, Nullable<DbContextLoggerOptions>).

This enumeration has a FlagsAttribute attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum DbContextLoggerOptions
type DbContextLoggerOptions = 
Public Enum DbContextLoggerOptions


Category 4

Includes the event DbLoggerCategory in each message. The category is included by default.

DefaultWithLocalTime 46

The default used by LogTo(Action<String>, LogLevel, Nullable<DbContextLoggerOptions>).

Includes Level, Category, Id, LocalTime.

DefaultWithUtcTime 30

The same defaults as used by LogTo(Action<String>, LogLevel, Nullable<DbContextLoggerOptions>), but with UTC timestamps.

Includes Level, Category, Id, UtcTime.

Id 8

Includes the EventId in each message. The event ID is included by default.

Level 2

Include the event LogLevel in each log message. The level is included by default.

LocalTime 32

Includes a local time timestamp in each message. The local time is included by default.

None 0

The raw log message with no additional metadata or formatting.

SingleLine 1

Each event will only occupy a single line in the log. Multiple lines are used by default.

UtcTime 16

Includes a UTC timestamp in each message. The local time is included by default. Use DefaultWithUtcTime to include all default options but change timestamps to UTC.

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