IClrCollectionAccessor Interface


Represents operations backed by compiled delegates that allow manipulation of collections on navigation properties.

This type is typically used by database providers (and other extensions). It is generally not used in application code.

public interface IClrCollectionAccessor
type IClrCollectionAccessor = interface
Public Interface IClrCollectionAccessor


See Implementation of database providers and extensions for more information.



The collection type.


Add(Object, Object, Boolean)

Adds a value to the navigation property collection, unless it is already contained in the collection.

Contains(Object, Object)

Checks whether the value is contained in the collection.


Creates a new collection instance of the appropriate type for the navigation property.

GetOrCreate(Object, Boolean)

Either returns the existing collection instance set on the navigation property, or if none exists, then creates a new instance, sets it, and returns it.

Remove(Object, Object)

Removes a value from the collection.

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