Conflict Conflict Conflict Class


Represents a conflict in a meeting time suggestion.

public ref class Conflict sealed : Microsoft::Exchange::WebServices::Data::ComplexProperty
public sealed class Conflict : Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.Data.ComplexProperty
Public NotInheritable Class Conflict
Inherits ComplexProperty


ConflictType ConflictType ConflictType

Gets the type of conflict that is reported.

FreeBusyStatus FreeBusyStatus FreeBusyStatus

Gets the free/busy status of the conflicting attendee.

NumberOfMembers NumberOfMembers NumberOfMembers

Gets the number of users, resources, and rooms in the conflicting group.

NumberOfMembersAvailable NumberOfMembersAvailable NumberOfMembersAvailable

Gets the number of members who are available (whose status is Free) in the conflicting group.

NumberOfMembersWithConflict NumberOfMembersWithConflict NumberOfMembersWithConflict

Gets the number of members who have a conflict (whose status is Busy, OOF or Tentative) in the conflicting group.

NumberOfMembersWithNoData NumberOfMembersWithNoData NumberOfMembersWithNoData

Gets the number of members who do not have published free/busy data in the conflicting group.

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