EmailMessage.ReceivedBy EmailMessage.ReceivedBy EmailMessage.ReceivedBy Property


Gets the delegate who received the e-mail message.

 property Microsoft::Exchange::WebServices::Data::EmailAddress ^ ReceivedBy { Microsoft::Exchange::WebServices::Data::EmailAddress ^ get(); };
public Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.Data.EmailAddress ReceivedBy { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property ReceivedBy As EmailAddress

Property Value


The ReceivedBy property is used together with the From and ReceivedRepresenting properties in a delegate access scenario. The following table lists the entities that these properties represent in a delegate access scenario.

From ThirdParty
ReceivedRepresenting Principal

In a delegate access scenario, if a ThirdParty sends a meeting request to a Principal who has a Delegate, the Delegate will see a new meeting request. These properties enable delegates to distinguish between messages that are sent directly to them and messages that are sent to them because of a delegate forwarding rule.

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