FolderPermissionLevel FolderPermissionLevel FolderPermissionLevel Enum


Defines permission levels for calendar folders.

public enum class FolderPermissionLevel
public enum FolderPermissionLevel
Public Enum FolderPermissionLevel


Author Author Author 5

The Author level.

Contributor Contributor Contributor 8

The Contributor level.

Custom Custom Custom 11

The Custom level.

Editor Editor Editor 3

The Editor level.

FreeBusyTimeAndSubjectAndLocation FreeBusyTimeAndSubjectAndLocation FreeBusyTimeAndSubjectAndLocation 10

The Free/Busy Time, Subject, and Location level. (Can only be applied to Calendar folders).

FreeBusyTimeOnly FreeBusyTimeOnly FreeBusyTimeOnly 9

The Free/Busy Time Only level. (Can only be applied to Calendar folders).

None None None 0

No permission is granted.

NoneditingAuthor NoneditingAuthor NoneditingAuthor 6

The Non-Editing Author level.

Owner Owner Owner 1

The Owner level.

PublishingAuthor PublishingAuthor PublishingAuthor 4

The Publishing Author level.

PublishingEditor PublishingEditor PublishingEditor 2

The Publishing Editor level.

Reviewer Reviewer Reviewer 7

The Reviewer level.

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