PhysicalAddressEntry PhysicalAddressEntry PhysicalAddressEntry Class


Represents an entry within a physical address dictionary.

public ref class PhysicalAddressEntry sealed : Microsoft::Exchange::WebServices::Data::DictionaryEntryProperty<Microsoft::Exchange::WebServices::Data::PhysicalAddressKey>
public sealed class PhysicalAddressEntry : Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.Data.DictionaryEntryProperty<Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.Data.PhysicalAddressKey>
Public NotInheritable Class PhysicalAddressEntry
Inherits DictionaryEntryProperty(Of PhysicalAddressKey)


PhysicalAddressEntry() PhysicalAddressEntry() PhysicalAddressEntry()

Initializes a new instance of the PhysicalAddressEntry class.


City City City

Gets or sets the city of the entry.

CountryOrRegion CountryOrRegion CountryOrRegion

Gets or sets the country or region of the entry.

PostalCode PostalCode PostalCode

Gets or sets the postal code of the entry.

State State State

Gets or sets the state of the entry.

Street Street Street

Gets or sets the street of the entry.

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