XmlConfigurationProvider XmlConfigurationProvider XmlConfigurationProvider Class


Represents an XML file as an IConfigurationSource.

public class XmlConfigurationProvider : Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration.FileConfigurationProvider
type XmlConfigurationProvider = class
    inherit FileConfigurationProvider
Public Class XmlConfigurationProvider
Inherits FileConfigurationProvider


XmlConfigurationProvider(XmlConfigurationSource) XmlConfigurationProvider(XmlConfigurationSource) XmlConfigurationProvider(XmlConfigurationSource)

Initializes a new instance with the specified source.


GetChildKeys(IEnumerable<String>, String) GetChildKeys(IEnumerable<String>, String) GetChildKeys(IEnumerable<String>, String)

Returns the list of keys that this provider has.

(Inherited from ConfigurationProvider)
GetReloadToken() GetReloadToken() GetReloadToken()

Returns a IChangeToken that can be used to listen when this provider is reloaded.

(Inherited from ConfigurationProvider)
Load() Load() Load()

Loads the contents of the file at Path.

(Inherited from FileConfigurationProvider)
Load(Stream) Load(Stream) Load(Stream)

Loads the XML data from a stream.

OnReload() OnReload() OnReload()

Triggers the reload change token and creates a new one.

(Inherited from ConfigurationProvider)
Set(String, String) Set(String, String) Set(String, String)

Sets a value for a given key.

(Inherited from ConfigurationProvider)
TryGet(String, String) TryGet(String, String) TryGet(String, String)

Attempts to find a value with the given key, returns true if one is found, false otherwise.

(Inherited from ConfigurationProvider)


Data Data Data

The configuration key value pairs for this provider.

(Inherited from ConfigurationProvider)
Source Source Source

The source settings for this provider.

(Inherited from FileConfigurationProvider)

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