IHostingEnvironment IHostingEnvironment IHostingEnvironment Interface


Provides information about the hosting environment an application is running in.

public interface IHostingEnvironment
type IHostingEnvironment = interface
Public Interface IHostingEnvironment


ApplicationName ApplicationName ApplicationName

Gets or sets the name of the application. This property is automatically set by the host to the assembly containing the application entry point.

ContentRootFileProvider ContentRootFileProvider ContentRootFileProvider

Gets or sets an IFileProvider pointing at ContentRootPath.

ContentRootPath ContentRootPath ContentRootPath

Gets or sets the absolute path to the directory that contains the application content files.

EnvironmentName EnvironmentName EnvironmentName

Gets or sets the name of the environment. The host automatically sets this property to the value of the of the "environment" key as specified in configuration.

Extension Methods

IsDevelopment(IHostingEnvironment) IsDevelopment(IHostingEnvironment) IsDevelopment(IHostingEnvironment)

Checks if the current hosting environment name is Development.

IsEnvironment(IHostingEnvironment, String) IsEnvironment(IHostingEnvironment, String) IsEnvironment(IHostingEnvironment, String)

Compares the current hosting environment name against the specified value.

IsProduction(IHostingEnvironment) IsProduction(IHostingEnvironment) IsProduction(IHostingEnvironment)

Checks if the current hosting environment name is Production.

IsStaging(IHostingEnvironment) IsStaging(IHostingEnvironment) IsStaging(IHostingEnvironment)

Checks if the current hosting environment name is Staging.

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