AzureFileLoggerOptions AzureFileLoggerOptions AzureFileLoggerOptions Class


Options for Azure diagnostics file logging.

public class AzureFileLoggerOptions : Microsoft.Extensions.Logging.AzureAppServices.BatchingLoggerOptions
type AzureFileLoggerOptions = class
    inherit BatchingLoggerOptions
Public Class AzureFileLoggerOptions
Inherits BatchingLoggerOptions


AzureFileLoggerOptions() AzureFileLoggerOptions() AzureFileLoggerOptions()


BackgroundQueueSize BackgroundQueueSize BackgroundQueueSize

Gets or sets the maximum size of the background log message queue or null for no limit. After maximum queue size is reached log event sink would start blocking. Defaults to 1000.

(Inherited from BatchingLoggerOptions)
BatchSize BatchSize BatchSize

Gets or sets a maximum number of events to include in a single batch or null for no limit.

(Inherited from BatchingLoggerOptions)
FileName FileName FileName

Gets or sets a string representing the prefix of the file name used to store the logging information. The current date, in the format YYYYMMDD will be added after the given value. Defaults to diagnostics-.

FileSizeLimit FileSizeLimit FileSizeLimit

Gets or sets a strictly positive value representing the maximum log size in bytes or null for no limit. Once the log is full, no more messages will be appended. Defaults to 10MB.

FlushPeriod FlushPeriod FlushPeriod

Gets or sets the period after which logs will be flushed to the store.

(Inherited from BatchingLoggerOptions)
IncludeScopes IncludeScopes IncludeScopes

Gets or sets a value indicating whether scopes should be included in the message. Defaults to false.

(Inherited from BatchingLoggerOptions)
IsEnabled IsEnabled IsEnabled

Gets or sets value indicating if logger accepts and queues writes.

(Inherited from BatchingLoggerOptions)
RetainedFileCountLimit RetainedFileCountLimit RetainedFileCountLimit

Gets or sets a strictly positive value representing the maximum retained file count or null for no limit. Defaults to 2.

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