ActiveRecordAuthorization ActiveRecordAuthorization ActiveRecordAuthorization Class


Provides information about a person who has access to a HealthVault record.

public class ActiveRecordAuthorization : Microsoft.Health.RecordAuthorization
type ActiveRecordAuthorization = class
    inherit RecordAuthorization
Public Class ActiveRecordAuthorization
Inherits RecordAuthorization


ActiveRecordAuthorization() ActiveRecordAuthorization() ActiveRecordAuthorization()

Constructs an instance of ActiveRecordAuthorization with default values.


AccessRights AccessRights AccessRights

Gets the permissions the person has to the HealthVault record.

(Inherited from RecordAuthorization)
CanAccessAuditInformation CanAccessAuditInformation CanAccessAuditInformation

Gets whether the authorized person can access audit information in the HealthVault record.

(Inherited from RecordAuthorization)
DateAuthorizationChanged DateAuthorizationChanged DateAuthorizationChanged

Gets the date when the person accepted changes to their access to the HealthVault record.

(Inherited from RecordAuthorization)
DateAuthorizationExpires DateAuthorizationExpires DateAuthorizationExpires

Gets the date when authorization to the HealthVault record expires.

(Inherited from RecordAuthorization)
DateAuthorizationFirstAccepted DateAuthorizationFirstAccepted DateAuthorizationFirstAccepted

Gets the date when the person first accepted access to the HealthVault record.

(Inherited from RecordAuthorization)
Email Email Email

Gets the person's email address.

(Inherited from RecordAuthorization)
IsRecordCustodian IsRecordCustodian IsRecordCustodian

Gets whether or not the person is a custodian of the HealthVault record.

(Inherited from RecordAuthorization)
Name Name Name

Gets the person's name.

RecordAuthorizationState RecordAuthorizationState RecordAuthorizationState

Gets the state of the sharing request for a HealthVault record.

(Inherited from RecordAuthorization)
RecordDisplayName RecordDisplayName RecordDisplayName

Gets the display name of the HealthVault record that the person has access to.

(Inherited from RecordAuthorization)
RelationshipType RelationshipType RelationshipType

Gets the relationship the person authorized to view this record has with the "owner" of the record.

(Inherited from RecordAuthorization)

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