ApplicationInfo ApplicationInfo ApplicationInfo Class


Defines the configuration for a HealthVault application.

public class ApplicationInfo
type ApplicationInfo = class
Public Class ApplicationInfo


ApplicationInfo() ApplicationInfo() ApplicationInfo()

Constructs an ApplicationInfo instance with default values.

ApplicationInfo(String, IList<Byte[]>) ApplicationInfo(String, IList<Byte[]>) ApplicationInfo(String, IList<Byte[]>)

Constructs an ApplicationInfo instance with the specified application name and public keys.


ExpectedApplicationAttributes ExpectedApplicationAttributes ExpectedApplicationAttributes

The list of strings that are currently have meaning in ApplicationAttributes.


ActionUrl ActionUrl ActionUrl

Gets or sets the action URL for the application.

ApplicationAttributes ApplicationAttributes ApplicationAttributes

Gets or sets the application attributes.

AuthorizationReason AuthorizationReason AuthorizationReason

Gets or sets the reason the application requires the base online and offline authorization rules it is requesting.

CallableMethods CallableMethods CallableMethods

Gets a collection of the HealthVault methods the application can call.

ChildVocabularyAuthorizationsCeiling ChildVocabularyAuthorizationsCeiling ChildVocabularyAuthorizationsCeiling

Gets a collection of authorizations to HealthVault vocabularies. This represents the maximum authorization set that the application can grant to its child applications.

ClientServiceToken ClientServiceToken ClientServiceToken

Gets the client service token.

ConfigurationOptions ConfigurationOptions ConfigurationOptions

Gets or sets various configuration options that applications can use.

CultureSpecificAuthorizationReasons CultureSpecificAuthorizationReasons CultureSpecificAuthorizationReasons

Dictionary of language specifiers and localized authorization reasons of the application.

CultureSpecificDescriptions CultureSpecificDescriptions CultureSpecificDescriptions

Dictionary of language specifiers and localized descriptions of the application.

CultureSpecificNames CultureSpecificNames CultureSpecificNames

Gets a dictionary of language specifiers and localized names of the application.

Description Description Description

Gets or sets a description of the application which is shown to the user when authorizing the application to their record.

DomainName DomainName DomainName

Gets or sets the domain name for the application.

DtcSuccessMessage DtcSuccessMessage DtcSuccessMessage

Gets or sets the application's Direct To Clinical success message.

Id Id Id

Gets or sets the application id.

IsBulkExtractionPermissionRequired IsBulkExtractionPermissionRequired IsBulkExtractionPermissionRequired

Does the application want the user consent/permission for BDP a required rule or is it optional for the user to choose/subscribe to?

IsOnboardedToBdp IsOnboardedToBdp IsOnboardedToBdp

Did the application successfully complete the BDP onboarding process?

LargeLogo LargeLogo LargeLogo

Gets or sets the large logo for the application.

MeaningfulUseSources MeaningfulUseSources MeaningfulUseSources

Gets the list of Meaningful Use sources associated with this application.

Name Name Name

Gets or sets the name of the application.

OfflineBaseAuthorizations OfflineBaseAuthorizations OfflineBaseAuthorizations

Gets a collection of the offline base authorization rules for the application.

OnlineBaseAuthorizations OnlineBaseAuthorizations OnlineBaseAuthorizations

Gets a collection of the online base authorization rules for the application.

Organizations Organizations Organizations

Gets the list of organizations supported by the application.

PersistentTokenTtlInSeconds PersistentTokenTtlInSeconds PersistentTokenTtlInSeconds

Gets or sets the length of time a user token will persist if they choose the "Keep me logged in on this computer" checkbox during HealthVault login.

PrivacyStatement PrivacyStatement PrivacyStatement

Gets or sets the application's privacy statement.

PublicKeys PublicKeys PublicKeys

Gets a collection of the public keys for the application.

SmallLogo SmallLogo SmallLogo

Gets or sets the small logo for the application.

SupportAllHealthVaultInstances SupportAllHealthVaultInstances SupportAllHealthVaultInstances

Gets or sets whether the application supports all HealthVault instances.

SupportedHealthVaultInstances SupportedHealthVaultInstances SupportedHealthVaultInstances

Gets the instance identifiers for the HealthVault instances the application supports.

SupportedRecordLocations SupportedRecordLocations SupportedRecordLocations

Gets a collection of the record locations supported by this application.

TermsOfUse TermsOfUse TermsOfUse

Gets or sets the application's terms of use.

ValidIPPrefixes ValidIPPrefixes ValidIPPrefixes

Gets or sets the IP address masks from which the application can call HealthVault.

VocabularyAuthorizations VocabularyAuthorizations VocabularyAuthorizations

Gets a collection of authorizations to HealthVault vocabularies, that the application has access to.


Update(ApplicationConnection) Update(ApplicationConnection) Update(ApplicationConnection)

Updates the application's configuration in HealthVault.

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