Provisioner Class


An application provisioning application can use the method of this class to provision and update child applications.

public static class Provisioner


HealthVault allows certain types of application to be used to instantiate, configure, and update applications that are related to it. For example, one implementation of an application may be used and installed as many different application instances. To allow for these separate applications to be instantiated HealthVault enables a "parent" application to tell HealthVault about a new installation of the application and provide certain configuration values for it. That application will then be able access HealthVault with a unique application identifier.


Add​Application(​Offline​Web​Application​Connection, ​Application​Info)

Adds a HealthVault application instance for a "child" application of the calling application.

Get​Application(​Offline​Web​Application​Connection, ​Guid)

Gets the configuration information for the specified child application ID.