Blob Blob Blob Class


Represents binary data that can be associated with a person's health record.

public class Blob
type Blob = class
Public Class Blob


ContentEncoding ContentEncoding ContentEncoding

Gets the content encoding of the BLOB.

ContentLength ContentLength ContentLength

Gets the length of the content of the BLOB.

ContentType ContentType ContentType

Gets the content type of the BLOB.

HashInfo HashInfo HashInfo

Gets the hash information for the BLOB.

IsDirty IsDirty IsDirty

Gets or sets if the Blob instance has been modified.

Name Name Name

Gets the name of the BLOB.

Url Url Url

Gets a URL that can be used to read or write the Blob data directly using HTTP GET and PUT.


GetReaderStream() GetReaderStream() GetReaderStream()

Gets a stream for reading data from a HealthVault BLOB.

GetWriterStream() GetWriterStream() GetWriterStream()

Gets a stream for writing data to a HealthVault BLOB.

ReadAllBytes() ReadAllBytes() ReadAllBytes()

Gets all the bytes of the BLOB.

ReadAsString(Encoding) ReadAsString(Encoding) ReadAsString(Encoding)

Fetches the BLOB as a string with the specified encoding.

ReadAsString() ReadAsString() ReadAsString()

Fetches the BLOB as a UTF-8 string.

SaveToFile(String) SaveToFile(String) SaveToFile(String)

Saves the BLOB data to the specified file.

SaveToFile(String, FileMode) SaveToFile(String, FileMode) SaveToFile(String, FileMode)

Saves the BLOB data to the specified file.

SaveToStream(Stream) SaveToStream(Stream) SaveToStream(Stream)

Saves the BLOB data to the specified file.

Write(Stream) Write(Stream) Write(Stream)

Writes the bytes from the specified stream.

WriteInline(Byte[]) WriteInline(Byte[]) WriteInline(Byte[])

Writes the specified bytes to the blob inline with the data XML of the type.

WriteInline(String) WriteInline(String) WriteInline(String)

Writes the specified string to the blob with UTF-8 encoding.

WriteInline(String, Encoding) WriteInline(String, Encoding) WriteInline(String, Encoding)

Writes the specified string to the blob with the specified encoding.

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