DeviceModel DeviceModel DeviceModel Class


Defines the information for a HealthVault DeviceModel. A device model contains information for a model of a device.

public class DeviceModel : System.Xml.Serialization.IXmlSerializable
type DeviceModel = class
    interface IXmlSerializable
Public Class DeviceModel
Implements IXmlSerializable


Device model information typically consists of name, and Windows Portable Device information.

Supplementary information like purchase url, screenshots, driver packages, etc. are also available.


DeviceModel() DeviceModel() DeviceModel()

Creates a new instance of the DeviceModel class with default parameters.


DisplayName DisplayName DisplayName

Gets a dictionary of language specifiers and localized friendly display name of the device model.

Name Name Name

Gets or sets the name of the device model.

PurchaseUrl PurchaseUrl PurchaseUrl

Gets dictionary of language specifiers and localized URL to retrieve the purchase url on this device model.

Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots

Gets a collection of screenshots for this device model.

WindowsClientInformation WindowsClientInformation WindowsClientInformation

Gets or sets information required for windows clients in order to detect the device and install the appropriate driver for it.


GetSchema() GetSchema() GetSchema()

Get the schema as per IXmlSerializable requirement. Always returns null.

ReadXml(XmlReader) ReadXml(XmlReader) ReadXml(XmlReader)

Generates an object from its XML representation.

WriteXml(XmlWriter) WriteXml(XmlWriter) WriteXml(XmlWriter)

Converts an object into its XML representation.

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