GetAuthorizedPeopleSettings GetAuthorizedPeopleSettings GetAuthorizedPeopleSettings Class


The settings for retrieving a set of PersonInfo objects through GetAuthorizedPeople(GetAuthorizedPeopleSettings)

public class GetAuthorizedPeopleSettings
type GetAuthorizedPeopleSettings = class
Public Class GetAuthorizedPeopleSettings


These settings allow specifying the behavior of data retrieval from the HealthVault service through GetAuthorizedPeople(GetAuthorizedPeopleSettings).


GetAuthorizedPeopleSettings() GetAuthorizedPeopleSettings() GetAuthorizedPeopleSettings()

Creates a GetAuthorizedPeopleSettings object with default values.


AuthorizationsCreatedSince AuthorizationsCreatedSince AuthorizationsCreatedSince

Get or sets the DateTime in UTC that will be used to filter authorized people from the returned list according to the date that the person was authorized for the application. Calls to GetAuthorizedPeople(GetAuthorizedPeopleSettings) will only return people whose authorization was created after the given date and time.

BatchSize BatchSize BatchSize

Gets or sets the number of PersonInfo objects to retrieve when a network call is made to the HealthVault service to retrieve the next batch.

StartingPersonId StartingPersonId StartingPersonId

Gets or sets the person id that determines the starting point for the PersonInfo object iterator.

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